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Cosmetic Crime Investigator, did you investigate your murder order? Upon investigating, did you find a pair of our missing handcuffs? If so, email us so you can redeem a FREE MURDER GIFT! 


Email a picture of our missing handcuffs with your receipt showing your order number. You must provide evidence you’ve completed the investigation by showing us a visible picture of your reciept with our handcuffs so you can be rewarded.


ALL investigation contests are fair for our Cosmetic Crime Investigators. Randomly our charm handcuffs will be taped to the outside of our murder items. As CEO Theresa Spencer is packaging orders, she could very well place a pair inside your order unknowingly. We want to always remain fair so we do NOT know who our handcuffs are sent to. You must provide us with evidence through our email so you can redeem your free murder gift. 

Good luck investigating, Cosmetic Crime Investigators!